Our pick up and delivery service frees you up.

Leave your maintenance worries to someone else

Don't miss a pickup! Use our loaner bus service when your shuttle is in the shop.

How We Can Help

Our Services

  • Fleet Management
  • Service of Commercial Vehicles
  • Sales of Used Commercial Vehicles
  • Pick up and Delivery offered for a fee
  • Purchase of used vehicles.
  • Loaner Bus program for vehicles we repair
  • Appraisal of commercial vehicles for sale.
  • Transportation and delivery of commercial vehicles nationwide.
  • Wheelchair lift maintenance and repair
  • Trans Air AC and ACT/Pro Air Service Center
  • Cleaning and detailing for vehicles that don't fit in a regular car wash.

What We Do

About Us

FleetFirst can pick up your vehicle, provide an estimate for you to approve, repair it and deliver it back to you eliminating the need to send 2 drivers or to have someone sitting at our shop.

We provide repair and maintenance services for fleet companies that free them up from managing their fleets alone.  Our repair facility can handle larger vehicles such as buses and commercial trucks that don’t fit in a  lot of locations.  In addition, our management software provides a portal for the customer to schedule,  approve and review work in real-time over the web.

FleetFirst is the Boston Area’s newest repair facility started by a previous fleet owner.  After seeing how dealerships handle the aftermarket components of my mini buses, such as Air Conditioning and Wheel Chair Lifts, we felt there was a better way to accommodate owners and administrators large and small.

We take the hassle out of keeping your vehicles safe and reliable with comprehensive maintenance tracking software which reminds owners when things need to be addressed.

Our facility is one of the closest to Boston. Many other dealers are 30-40 miles away. We are only about 12!

Due to the nature of buses and commercial trucks, there are many non-dealer systems added.  FleetFirst is not limited to servicing one brand.  Many companies have to shop vehicles between dealers. We can source parts for any make or model.

Vehicles for Sale

Who We Serve

Our Customers

Our customers include fleet leasing companies, construction companies, municipalities, livery companies, hospitals and many more.

Some examples: Enterprise Fleet Management, Lease Plan, Carey Limo, Lenox- Martell, and Beth Israel Hospital.

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